Our Philosophy:

We believe that every homeowner deserves to be excited about the homes they build, and to feel satisfied and pleased upon its completion. Unfortunately, construction through large builders is too often a frustrating and overpriced affair that could lead to dissatisfaction.  The same could apply when dealing with builders without scruples.

IGLOO aims to change that. We guide you through what should be an enjoyable process, from the beginning to the end. Building your own home is an experience like no other, and you can take pride in sharing this accomplishment with others. We hope that you will, because we are proud to facilitate this process for you.  We also make a commitment with you that there will be transparency and fairness throughout our dealings.


Main Steps and Principals:

The following list lays out our consultation guides, our services could be part or all of the options:


Selecting a design and meeting with the architect and structural Engineer.

Applying for planning application.

Applying for services / utilities

Meeting the sub-contractors for various trades and pricing.

Estimates with breakdown will be provided to the client (to decide on trades if necessary).

Preparing a completion programme

Setting up management to build the project, if client doesn’t have this already.

Setting the start date for the commencement of construction.

Client will be involved at all times.

Client receives contractor’s prices.

Changes can be made at any stage of the project, however, sometimes this would be at a cost.

Whatever your budget, we will keep to that, unless you decide on changes.

Insurance must be acquired, either by us or the client.

Building codes of practice must be met.

Completion and handing over.





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